Redspotted Hawkfish

While scuba diving Key Largo, Florida Keys keep a close eye to the reef if you want to see Redspotted Hawkfish.

Their formal name is Amblycirrhitus Pinos.

Redspotted Hawkfish one of the many tiny fish  Florida Keys
Redspotted Hawkfish one of the many tiny fish to look for in the Florida Keys

These fish often balance themselves on their pectoral fins over the coral.

As they are very quick movers, approach them slowly and with caution if you want a close look or photo.

Often they will dart into a hole in the coral when approached. If you wait close by for a few moments they usually come back out into plain view.


Size of Redspotted Hawkfish normally does not often reach or exceed four inches.

Most Redspotted Hawfish seen on the living coral reef in Key Largo, Florida keys are in the size range of one and a half inches to three inches long.

Where to see

Where we most often see Redspotted Hawkfish in Key Largo, Florida Keys is near the top two feet of the living coral reef.

Frequently seen on the top portions of the living coral reef in the Elbow Reef area of North Key Largo, Florida Keys.

The City of Washington shipwreck at the Elbow reef is one of the best places to spot these cool fish.

City of Washington Wreck




Redspotted Hawkfish