Sunday Snorkeling Molasses Reef Scuba Fun Day

Sunday morning Snorkeling and scuba diving at Molasses Reef with the team from Sail Fish Scuba we super good time had by all! PADI Discover Scuba Diving Fun Day for our 2 newest divers and a bit of a fun tune up for another.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

17 March 2019

Molasses Reef

This Morning at Molasses Reef Conditions could not have been more perfect!
Great time was had by all!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Reef Report

S. South West 210 degrees 3 – 4 knots ~ WOW How Nice!
1.5’ to a gentle rolling 2.0’ here and there.
Light Current
100 – 150 feet WOW!
Water Temperature
78.6 F
AIR Temperature
78.1 F
Sunny with a gentle warm breeze all day. Birds chirping in the mangroves and calm seas

Dive Profiles

Morning Dives

AM Dive 1 SITE : Eagle Ray Alley

AM Dive 1 SITE : Eagle Ray Alley
Depth:34 Feet
Bottom Time: 55 Min
Oh the lovely fish and colorful coral reef at this site.
Surface Interval: 18 Minutes

PM Dive 2 SITE : Aquarium Reef

PM Dive 2 SITE : Aquarium

Depth: 33 Feet
Bottom Time: 53 Min
Amazing reef filled with colorful fish and soft corals. SHARKS!

Your Crew Today

Dive Shop Staff:
Owner of Sail Fish Scuba: Jen Kerr
Crew of DEEPER: Captain Bill

First Mate AM:
Crew of DEEPER: First Mate Chris

Dive Guide: Inst. Mike

Snorkel Guide: Inst. Jen & Intern Eerika

Instruction: Inst. Thomas

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Sunday Snorkeling Molasses Reef Scuba Fun Day