Scuba Diver on Key Largo Reef.

Try SCUBA has never been easier than today.

Try SCUBA diving is made so easy now a days just about anyone 10 years old and up can try it in as little as 1 day.

Sign up.

Arrive at Sail Fish Scuba dive shop at 8am for class lesson.

Try Scuba in the swimming pool with PADI instructor.

Go out on 2 real ocean dives.

It really is that easy!


Discover Scuba Diving Day

At Sail Fish Scuba dive center in Key Largo, Fl. Keys we make signing up so easy, just click the link above.

Who can try SCUBA diving?

Anyone 10 years old and older who is in good health can try SCUBA diving, no experience necessary.

There is a required medical waiver that each participant must complete before signing up. Here is a link to this required medical waiver.

If all your answers are NO on the medical waiver, just sign up now for your day of trying SCUBA.

However if you had to answer YES to any question on the medical waiver, it does not mean you can’t try SCUBA.

All it means is that before you sign up for your try discover scuba diving day, you will be required to get a note signed by your doctor stating: “Fit for diving” and bring this along on your day of discover scuba diving.

If you had any YES answers, use this link to get the medical required for your doctor to complete.

Sun rays shine down on brain coral Key Largo, Fl. Keys

What will we see during Discover Scuba Diving?

The living coral reef of Key Largo, Fl. Keys is perfect for trying SCUBA for the first time as it is mostly shallow.

At Sail Fish Scuba dive shop in Key Largo, Fl. Keys we take our student divers along to the same shallow sites as our certified divers. You will bet to see amazing living corals and lots of tropical fish.

All your diving will be in forty feet or less of water depth.

Ready to sign up by now?

If you are ready to sign up, just follow the link below to get signed up.

What days of the week is Discover SCUBA Diving offered?

Tuesday through Saturday Sail Fish Scuba offers Discover Scuba Diving day.

Mondays the Key Largo, Fl. Keys dive shop is closed. As we need a full day for this try scuba course, we can’t offer it on Sundays as we are only open 8:00am to 1:00pm.

What is included in Discover SCUBA Diving Day?

All you need to show up to class with is a swimming suit and towel.

At Sail Fish Scuba we include the following:

  • PADI DSD manual
  • PADI DSD DVD presentation
  • PADI DSD Flip Chart presentation with instruction staff
  • Full use of all rental equipment including the following: Wet suit or rash guard, mask, snorkel, fins, tanks, weights, BCD, Regulator.
  • 1 hour swimming pool training session in the morning following the classroom presentations.
  • 2 different sites of Ocean SCUBA diving under the direct supervision of our PADI Professionals.
  • Optional Photo-guided-service. A private additional staff member to come along on the afternoon dives and photo-document your entire experience on the boat and underwater. Photos all included FREE with Private Guide fee of only $60.00
  • If you don’t elect the private photo-guide, and we have other guests on the boat doing snorkeling or scuba diving and not under scuba instruction with our other staff members, we always do our best to snap of few fun photos of you and you get these for free. But no promises on these photos as these guides are catering to those guests and not directly to you.
  • Logged dives in your PADI DSD manual to take along home. offers more details:

Try SCUBA details on the site.

Key Largo Dive Shop Locator

Simply click on Sail Fish Scuba from the link above off of website to start your adventure today.

Scuba diver in Key Largo with great barracuda fish



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