Wonderful May diving in Key Largo

Wonderful conditions today! Everyone had an excellent time. Thanks to our great crew! The guests had a great adventure! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

We would love to have you join us for tomorrow’s tours!

Scuba diving Key Largo with Sail Fish Scuba

How to book a tour with Sail Fish Scuba

It is super easy to book yourself onto a tour with Sail Fish Scuba dive shop in Key Largo, Florida Keys.

Just click here.


Select the date you want to join, then the tour you want. Pay directly with Pay Pal and you are booked. That was easy!

What if I don’t have a Pay Pal account?

No worries, you can quickly set up a free account with Pay Pal. Just follow the link below.


Can we see turtles during our dives?

Divers and snorkelers have been seeing turtles with some regularity, not as frequently as the Reef Sharks are appearing, but several times weekly at this point.  Loggerheads and Hawksbills are the main species we see here.  And who doesn’t like scuba diving with Turtles?

turtle Key Largo, Florida Keys

Will we see colorful fish?

Marine life down here in Key Largo is simply fantastic!  Caribbean Reef Sharks (on most dives now), Spotted Eagle Rays, Tarpon, squid, Goliath Groupers, just to name some of the critters we’ve been seeing on our reefs and wrecks. Add this to the calm seas and you’ve got great scuba diving.  We love how shallow our reef system is, so we can offer nice long bottom times to our guests, and take tons of fun photos while you dive with us. Oh, and don’t forget at Sail Fish Scuba you get a copy of all these photos taken for FREE everyday!

One time visit or is this a need to annual visit

We’re fortunate to have so many of our scuba divers come back year after year to dive with our crew at Sail Fish Scuba here in Key Largo, Florida Keys. Here are a few photos we have recently taken of some of the marine life off Key Largo they’ve been seeing.

Reef and fish taken in Key Largo, Florida Keys.      
Topside view of living coral reef in Key Largo, Florida Keys
Wonderful diving Key Largo
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