Boarding Pass Seats Between Dive Shops

Boarding pass seats between dive shop allows everyone to keep diving.

Sometimes boats break, just like cars breakdown, and when that happens shops who boarding pass seats to each other saves the day for tourist.

Boarding Pass Seats Between Dive Shops
Boarding Pass Seats Between Dive Shops

Saying Thank You

Thanks to Amoray Dive Resort for providing seats for Sail Fish Scuba divers this mornings tour.

The afternoon shallow reef trip we say thanks to Island Ventures for those seats.

Sail Fish Scuba dive shop’s boat Deeper was getting it’s annual check up with the USCG.

Owner of Sail Fish Scuba dive shop Jennifer Kerr held down the shop am and we give a big thanks 🙏 Pamela Reaser Hughes for covering the dive shop all pm!

Huge thanks to Christopher Kerr & David for working on Deeper all day again!

Jennifer Kerr even jumped in helping paint Deeper this afternoon- she’s looking great 👍 and should be back in the water real soon!

Reef Report

Due to north winds we had 2 foot seas.

Viz. was down a little bit today, but guests didn’t seem to mind.

Water temperature is holding at 80F.

Surge was felt underwater at the shallow parts of Key Largo Dry Rocks Reef, home to the famous Christ of the Abyss.

Dive Key Largo Christ Statue
Dive Key Largo Christ of the Abyss

Overall it was a great day on the reef today!

Conditions were beautiful and our guests had a great time with Instructor Holly.

Shops working together

It is wonderful when small business owners, like the dive shop owners in Key Largo, Florida Keys work together.

By offering to sell each other seats on their boats for discounted rates it allows their guests to not have tours cancelled due to boats breaking.

Even though the shop buying the seats on the other shops boat is not making a lot of profit, at least the shop does not have to cancel the tourists tour.

Boarding Pass Seats Between Dive Shops